I will let you and your furry friend decide. Fancy a hike in the woods? Or a splash in a babbling stream? Or how about a romp on the beach? Or maybe the peace and tranquility of your own backyard?


Wherever we go bring a sense of adventure. Expect muddy toes and wagging tails as we seek out stunning light and beautiful backdrops.


Need help on finding a location? As you can see, Arnold has a nose for the perfect place, so  contact me and we can choose together!

Your dog

Trust me when I say this- I know that dogs aren’t perfect. I don’t expect your dog to sit still and strike his best pose on cue. Nor do I expect you to be able to let him off leash; I can edit those out after our shoot.

I want to allow your dog  to interact with his natural environment, to capture his goofy behaviors that show his eclectic personality.

My camera and I

With experience photographing shelter dogs in highly stressful kennel environments, I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve to make your dog feel more at ease. I will spend time at the start of the shoot getting to know your dog, allowing him to relax in the presence of a camera.


Throughout the shoot I will be focusing on your dog’s body language and behavior, ensuring that we take the whole process at his own pace. If we need to take a break we will; I will let your pup guide us.

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