• Lizzie Paul

Who says three's a crowd?

I have a special place in my heart for greyhounds, genuinely squealing in excitement every time I see one! I find these leggy, lean beasts truly captivating; so when I had the opportunity to photograph not just one but a trio of greys I couldn't believe my luck.

We'd decided to take advantage of a stunning fall day, heading to a local state park for a backdrop of truly breathtaking colors. These three boys provided great entertainment out on location, re-affirming my own sentiment that greyhounds are far too intelligent for their own good.

An exhausting array of noises were made to get these guy's attention, phones were dropped, toys were squeaked and we even tried to convince some joggers to do laps around us to keep the dogs distracted!

The dogs, handlers and I were all thoroughly exhausted after this shoot, but I couldn't wait to get back home to start the editing process. As greyhounds can spot prey up to a mile away, (and run up to 40mph...) all three dogs were kept on leash throughout the entire shoot . Ensuring your dog's safety at all times is paramount to me, leashes and handlers can always be removed during post-processing.

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