• Lizzie Paul

Two is a magic number...

Life is always better with a best friend and don't this adorable pair just know it. Reba and Stella are a bonded pair, available for adoption at Baypath Humane Society, MA.

Long and low, Reba the dachshund is a quiet girl with the most luxuriously soft coat. She is friendly, curious and super smart, enjoying food based games. Reba is content to find a corner of the couch to snuggle up in, but she also has a nose for adventure!

Stella, little body, big personality. Stella has a graceful charm about her, with full, luminous eyes which are acutely expressive. Stella is happiest curled up in your lap, getting all that human affection she can!

These gorgeous girls need to find a home together- head over to Baypath Humane Society's website to find out whether you could be the right home for them!

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