• Lizzie Paul

The wild and the wise

I was incredibly excited to photograph this border collie duo. Having heard so much about their personalities and quirks I knew I was in for a treat! A mini-session in their own quiet backyard was the perfect way to capture these two beautiful pups and their different personalities.

Lily, a border collie rescue from Baypath Humane Society, has a quiet, distinguished presence. There is so much untold wisdom that lies behind her big, beautiful, brown eyes!

Ozzie, an incredibly handsome young pup, from Glen Highland Farm rescue, based in NY. Always with a mischievous glint in his piercing hazel eyes, this young boy is full of exuberant energy.

Despite the juxtaposition of their personalities- these two are the best of friends. Ozzie enticing Lilly into some rough and tumble games in the yard, and Lilly, imparting her world-wisely ways to her younger sibling.

A huge thank you to Baypath Humane Society and Glen Highland Farm for rescuing these beautiful souls. And, as always, a epic thank you to their loving owner, who tirelessly cares for these two, spoiling them rotten every day.

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