• Lizzie Paul

Texan Tom (Yellow Rose Animal Rescue)

Photographing shelter pups in need is, hands down, one of my favorite things to do on a day off; especially when they bring a constant smile to your face with their goofy antics. This sweet soul, Tom, is currently available through Yellow Rose Animal Rescue, Massachusetts.

Tom was an absolute superstar when I went to visit him, completely happy to strike his best 'adopt me' pose in front of the camera. Tom is incredibly laid back and affectionate, despite his past. He has an incredibly outgoing personality , and with his tail wagging at 100 beats a minute it's hard not to fall in love instantaneously! He is super smart and eager to do anything for a cookie!

Tom hails from Texas originally and has made the long journey up to New England in search of his forever home. He is believed to be about 5-6 years old and is likely a dachshund cross beagle/ basset hound. Tom has had some hair loss, which is dramatically improving, and is likely due to poor living conditions and malnourishment previously.

If you think you could provide a forever loving home for Tom then reach out to Yellow Rose Animal Rescue here.

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