• Lizzie Paul

Puppies galore at Baypath Humane Society

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

Who doesn't love spending a Sunday afternoon photographing puppies? Especially unimaginably cute ones available for adoption at Baypath Humane Society. Try not to swoon over their adorable puppy eyes too much!

Photographing these six energetic puppies was no easy task and I spent most of my time buried under a pile of fur (oh the hardships!). In between the inevitable puppy kisses, chewing of boot laces and other mischievous antics, they managed to hold still for a fraction of a second for me to photograph them and just look at how beautiful they are!

I was given the photographer's privilege of naming all six puppies which was way more stressful than the actual shoot! I thought I'd inject some Britishness into Baypath and name them all after Downton Abbey characters, my binge watching go to!

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