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October is Pit Bull Awareness Month!

I thought I’d use the last days of October (as Pit bull awareness month) to share some photos of the handsome hunk Keanu from last year. With his playful personality and rugged good looks it seemed crazy that Keanu the pitbull mix was being passed over while waiting for his forever home. When Baypath Humane Society reached out to me asking for help, I leapt into action and took Keanu out for his own special photo shoot, hoping to capture the beauty beyond the stereotype.

It was a beautiful fall morning, with the sun just starting to break, causing an eerie mist over the lake. Keanu was an absolute gent, scrambling over logs and rocks with me to find some perfect lighting. Keanu was perfectly content gazing over the serene waters, and digging on the lake shore. This gorgeous boy was happily adopted from Baypath Humane Society but there are some equally adorable and loveable pups available now. Check them out here!

In my time volunteering at Baypath Humane Society I have had the pleasure of working and hanging out with numerous pit bulls and pit bull mixes. Amazingly loyal, completely and utterly goofy, always eager and willing to please- these dogs are like any other breed. Treated with love, care and positive training, pit bulls have proven time and time again that they can make incredible companions, playful family pets, and loyal service dogs.

Look beyond the stereotype, shun the breed bias and share the love for the Pit Bulls.

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