• Lizzie Paul

Milo's Boston Adventure

I knew I was in for a treat on this glorious sunny day in Boston. The opportunity to photograph a 12 week old dachshund puppy AND in one of the best cities in the world? Still, I was not prepared for just how irresistibly cute Milo was, just look at that adorable grin!

Milo was so at ease strutting the streets of Boston, oblivious to his ever growing number of cooing onlookers.

Milo was born for city life, falling perfectly in stride with his mom at his side. (Okay well sometimes he cheated and hitched a ride but shh!)

The beautiful setting of Boston Commons was the perfect backdrop to Milo's gorgeous golden and russet tones.

In between the serious posing, Milo was able to take a break to have a play. Little dachshund zoomies anyone??

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