• Lizzie Paul

Cassie, the golden girl!

A few weeks ago I met Cassie, after she had been surrendered to a local Animal Control Facility. It was clear that she had not been particularly well cared for; but this wasn't going to bring Cassie down! She had a pep in her step, a glint in her eyes and an attitude of "Let's bust outta here!"

Despite her senior years, Cassie has a playful side (stuffed toys are her favorite). She is incredibly inquisitive and very smart. Cassie loves going out for short walks, giving her a good opportunity to explore and nose around.

In the home, Cassie is a napping queen- she has several favorite spots, mostly on the couch. She has a sixth sense for cheese and will leap into action when she smells food!

Sensibly-sized, graceful, and faithful- Cassie would make a loyal companion.

Fortunately Cassie is currently being looked after brilliantly by a dedicated foster, however Cassie is desperate to find her forever home. If you think you could be a good fit for Cassie then check out her bio at Baypath Humane Society to find out more.

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