• Lizzie Paul

Cambridge the Treeing Walker Coonhound

Cambridge couldn't wait to bust out the shelter for the afternoon - if you're in need of an adventure, Cambridge is your boy!

Cambridge has made the long journey up from South Carolina to Massachusetts, hopeful of finding a forever home. While his pals at the shelter have come and gone, Cambridge has been left behind. He waits patiently, knowing that the perfect family could be just right around the corner.

Cambridge is a loveable goof. He truly is an affectionate and loyal dog- sidling up for cuddles whenever he gets a chance. He gets along well with other dogs too, and could be a perfect canine companion!

A true hound, Cambridge just LOVES to be outside and exploring. It is beautiful to watch him catch a scent, nose to the ground, as he snuffles away. With an almighty bay, he lets you know he's onto something good!

It's hard to tear yourself away from Cambridge's irresistibly soft and velvety ears...And just look at those eyes!

Cambridge is available for adoption at Baypath Humane Society- check out his bio here!

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