• Lizzie Paul

Buffy- from rags to riches

When you're born on the streets the world around you can seem a bewildering place. New sights, new smells, new sounds- Buffy is encountering new things every day. This girl has every reason to be fearful of the world around her, but she takes every moment in her stride- always eager to learn.

This gorgeous girl came to us just a week ago, in need of some doggone good company and a quiet place to relax. Instead, she found herself with Arnold (who's company is disputable) and my husband and I (we're mostly quiet apart from when Will's rugby team is losing...) Despite this- Buffy has settled into our home quickly and is showing herself to be a wonderful, wiggly puppy at heart!

Every day we discover things that Buffy might not have encountered before, the sound of a hoover, someone walking past with a stroller. Instead of not hoovering ever again (honestly, I'd take any excuse..), we have been working with Buffy to desensitize her to the world. With positive reinforcement training, Buffy has shown huge progress, in such a short space of time. It is magical to see the transformation in her demeanor, to see her figure out that the world isn't such a scary place. In her first few days with us, Buffy would tense and cower as people walked past. Her confidence grows every day and now she struts past people with no cares in the world. Initially she was reluctant to get into the car, but now jumps straight in, ready to go on her adventures.

Playing with Arnold, my greyhound, Buffy's true goofy personality shines through. She is an excellent snoot bopper, perfectly timing a paw bop to Arnold's nose as he runs circles around her. Through the company of another dog, Buffy has learnt the joy of play. She loves to chase after her bouncy ball and fling around her fluffy toys.

In the woods Buffy is in her element- she is an incredible hiking dog, tuning in to the scents around her. We liken her to a bull in a china shop- when she's on the scent of something she spares no mercy to the undergrowth that she crashes through.

Buffy is an affectionate girl, provided she is given the time and space to adjust to her new surroundings. In her first day here, she took herself off to our bedroom to a quiet spot to rest. Now, she chooses to come into the office with us, or curl up on the couch in the evening as we watch TV (it's kind of a squeeze with Arnold taking up half the couch, then 2 adults and Buffy on the other half!)

Taking on a dog like Buffy is a journey, with everyone learning and growing along the way. Though Buffy is shy at first, she has an incredibly affectionate side and truly will give you her heart. All Buffy needs in life is: stability, a safe, comfortable home, the dedication and patience of a willing person, and a really good doggo friend! If you think you could be the right fit for this gorgeous girl then check her out at Baypath Humane Society here.

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