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Black is still the new white...

Arnold set out to bust Black Dog Syndrome- showing that black dogs can make the most noble, handsome and discerning companions!

So what is Black Dog Syndrome??

Black Dog Syndrome is a phenomenon in which black dogs (and cats) are passed over for adoption in favor of lighter-colored animals. Working in a shelter I have witnessed this first hand. With such a handsome big black dog at home we set out to prove that they are in fact THE best.

So why do people pass over black dogs and cats??

1. They're notoriously difficult to take good photographs of, meaning that they can often get overlooked.

2. They blend in. A black dog can seem generic to potential adopters and 'nothing special'.

3. It can be harder for adopters to read their facial expressions and thus feel that connection upon meeting them.

4. Black dog hair shows up more. I find my tan foster dog's hair shows up far more than Arnold's black coat... Solution- wear dark clothing!

5. Negative Western symbolism of the color black. We often use black dogs and cats to portray fear and foreboding. ( Like the dog in Hound of the Baskervilles, Grim in Harry Potter, and in the Omen).


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