Behind The Camera

Picking up a camera allows me to bottle that essence of dog slobber, muddy paws, wagging tails and soulful eyes that make your world a better place.  I want to pause those moments for you, to immortalize your pet’s beauty, strength, grace and enthusiasm and to give you those memories to hold onto forever.

Let me tell you a quick story about how I became a passionate pet photographer. It all began with Arnold (that noble looking beast above). Arnold- my rag tag Indiana greyhound who I couldn’t be without. He might be missing half of his tail, and parts of his ears, with a deep scar across his snoot (he thinks that this all makes him look extra handsome by the way…) but behind all that is a beautiful soul with the goofiest personality you could ever imagine.


Arnold first came into our lives as a foster dog, and whoops, he is still here! Very much part of our family; stealing our bed, our couch, and our hearts on a daily basis. (Head to my blog to read more about Arnold’s story and his foster siblings that he has (begrudgingly) shared his home with).


Arnold was deemed a ‘hard to adopt’ dog, with some medical issues and personality quirks that only a mad person could love… It became my mission to capture Arnold’s charm- to show his personality beyond his shy aloofness. Photographing Arnold became a daily passion- a drive to get that ‘perfect’ picture which would capture a potential adopter’s heart. Naive as I was to not realize that I was capturing my own photos to look back on and cherish.




Based outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

Also available to photograph in Maine. New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island

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